... Paul McGuinness...

About Me

Born in 1971, I am a self-taught computer programmer and joint owner of several communications software companies in the UK

I specialise in intranet web-based applications nowadays, but frequently get involved in communications software solutions.

Key Skills

During the last 20 years, I have developed a wide range of skills through my work as a Company Director and systems programmer.


In 1993 I was jointly responsible for creating the 1st UK developed Voice Mail Platform. I have since gone on to create a variety of comms applications that are used throughout the UK in Central and Local Government, blue chip and the private sector

Project Planning

I have been directly responsible for a large number of Government installation projects, including restricted facilities.

Specific Skills

  • Business

    Full understanding of project management, company cashflow, human resources and legal

  • Technical

    Hi-level knowledge of most technologies, with a full and detailed knowledge of PABX, Communications, Networking and Database development.

  • Sales

    Heavy involvement in all areas of pre-sales, technical product presentations and solution specification